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Easy - Effortless - Fundraising!

Placing a face - on a faceless donation!


Create your wall and start collecting donations in minutes!


Your community can watch your wall grow as donations roll in.


Donors can use any device - Smart phones, tablets, PC or Mac.


You will be successful or Memsaic is FREE! The average charity receives 90% of all donations.

How Does It Work?

"our highest returns, with the least effort..."

1. Create An Account

Sign up for a FREE account with Memsaic. Once you have your account set up you can create as many walls as you need. Sign up here!

2. Build Your Wall

We will walk you through the easy process to creating a wall.

3. Publicize Your Wall

With our tools, broadcast your wall to your network.
Post your wall on Facebook and other social Networks.
Watch it grow and collect donations from everyone

4. Collect Your Donations

Receive check for your proceeds.

Demo A Wall

Check Out For Yourself

Memsaic is perfect for you!

A unique approach to raising money!

What does it cost to use Memsaic?
Memsaic does not charge any out of pocket costs
The Fees we charge are simple.
There is a one-time fee of $25 per wall.
We then provide you 85% - 90% of the GROSS proceeds on your wall.
Memsaic covers all technology hosting fees, Credit Card Fees, and other costs.
All fees are deducted from your proceeds.
How do I get my fundraising proceeds?
All donations are held in an escrow account at Memsaic.
You can request a distribution payment at anytime (we do require a minium of $100 in proceeds)
Once you have completed your campaign and "closed" your wall, Memsaic will automaticly send you a check for all the outstanding proceeds available from your wall.
All payments are made by check sent via USPS.
Are my walls public?
Memsaic offers the ability to password protect a wall. Since all walls are publicly accessible, you can choose to require a user to enter an "access code" to view and participate in the wall.
We offer this tool for schools and other communities who wish to limit public access to the wall.
Do I need to be a charity or 501c3 to collect donations?
No! That is the great part about our system.
You can collect donations for any cause.
If you have a Federal Tax ID number, you can add that information to your wall and we will include it in the donors email receipt indicating that they can claim 100% of the donation.

You will be required to provide a Federal Tax ID number or Social Security Number when you request a distribution payment, but not to start a wall.
Do I get access to the donor list?
Of course. This information is yours and only yours! You have the ability to export a full donor list from your system that can be imported
What happens to my wall when we are done?
The wall is yours!
Once you have closed your wall, you have the ability to download your wall in a format that you can run on your own computer or website. Previous clients have taken all of the images they collected and made large murals, burned CD-roms as thank-you gifts, and added their completed walls to their own website. We will continue to host your wall, but reserve the right to purge the images at a later date. We do not remove donor information.
Do I have the rights to images uploaded to my wall?
Yes. This is part of the "terms of service" that donors agree to. They are giving you a limited right to the images added to your wall to use as you wish.
You can not resell the images.
  • Highest return in the market
  • No out of pocket cost
  • It is an EFFORTLESS system
  • Sets up in minutes
  • There are no products to sell - no "kid labor force"
  • No mimiual order amounts
  • Nothing to store; ship; or deliver
  • It's unique and new to market
  • Non-intrusive
  • Eco-friendly fundraising
  • Memorable and will have shelf-life

Comparing Fundraising Returns


Memsaic personalizes the transaction and gives the donor a real connection to the cause.

Fundraising Cards

Memsaic has NO out of pocket costs or minium order requirements.

Candy Drives

With Memsaic there are
no "kid labor force"

Magazine subscriptions

With Memsaic there are NO administrative headaches - everything is automated!


It is free to set up an account

Once you have submitted your application, you will immediately be able to start creating your own walls and participating in the Memsaic system.

Complete the application, create your fundraising wall and instantly start raising money for your cause!

Success Stories

See how some of our clients have used Memsaic

For over 2 years this organization has used Memsaic to promote their monthly “chicken brick donation” event. They have raised over $11,000 a month to fund their needs.

Windrush has used Memsaic since 2009 for their annual holiday fundraising event.
They have raised over $2,000 every year and collect and use the images provided by there donors to create a thank you mural for their annual holiday event.

Individuals have set up Memsaic walls and raised funds to help family members with the costs of living with Cystic Fibrosis.


Drop us a line and we will get back to you shortly

3 Bessom Street, Marblehead MA 01945

+1 877 MEMSAIC, +1 877 636 7242

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